Contents of Dickon Independent Issue 102 - Christmas Issue December 2016
The branch magazine of the Worcestershire Branch of the Richard III Society


Richard III Stained Glass Window In Exeter pages 3 - 4

La Couvertoirade, A Templar Stronghold In Southern France pages 4 - 6

Ian Churchward’s Visit To The USA, September 2016 pages 7 - 11

Branch Meetings pages 11 - 16

Christmas Feast For The Wealthy And The Poor - October 8 pages 11 - 14

Salt Production page 14

King John By Max Keen - November 12 pages 14 - 16

King John - New Book page 16

Richard III And St Ninian pages 17 - 18

North Mercia Group Calendar page 19


Collage summing up our year to October Cover: From top left to right: Medieval Cooking (October), Worcester Cathedral for talk on King John (January and November), The Hive, Worcester (February), Water Gate, Worcester Cathedral (August), 30th Anniversary Banquet (June), Margaret of York’s Crown (April), Tewkesbury (July), Oddingley Church (May), On The Trail of the Mortimers (September), Huddington Court and Church (May), Coat of Arms of Richard Duke of York when he Claimed the Throne (May), Royal Marriage Secrets (March).

Richard III Window Exeter page 3

La Couvertoirade page 4

The Legendary Ten Seconds in America page 7

St Ninian's Chapel page 17

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