Contents of Dickon Independent Issue 117 - Birthday Issue
The branch magazine of the Worcestershire Branch of the Richard III Society


Sir George Buc(k) And His History Of Richard III By Annette Carson pages 4 - 10

CD Review pages 11 - 14

Book Review page 14

Shut Up: Quarantine And Social Distancing During Tudor Epidemics By Euan Roger. Report Dated Wednesday 3 June 2020 pages 14 - 16

The Ricardian, And Mortimer History Society Quizzes: Some Fascinating Facts page 17

The Dale Garrison pages 17 - 19

Branch Meetings pages 20 - 23

First Branch Zoom Meeting Saturday August 8 - John Ashdown-Hillís Talk Searching For Richard III pages 20 - 22

Visit To Kenilworth Castle - September 12 pages 22 - 23


Colyton Boar Badge Cover
From British Archaeology Issue 174 September/October 2020: This silvered boar, Richard III's badge, would have been white when new, with gilded hooves and tusks. It stands on green enamelled turf against a red enamel background, on a disc in a separate gilded frame 8.3cm across. Such a large mount was fashionable on belts worn over armour or on martingales in the 15th Century. A 1980s detecting find in Colyton, Devon, it was reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme after the finder's death. Many thanks to Marion Moulton and Sheilah OíConnor, and to British Archaeology for the cover photo and publicising the find. If you follow the link you will find this item at the top of a list of all Richard III related finds.

One Of Sir George Buc(k)ís Pages From His Manuscript page 7

Cover of History Book Part Two by The legendary Ten Seconds page 13

Henry Tudor Plaque Half of the plaque at Mill Bay in Wales page 18

Henry Tudor Plaque The whole plaque at Mill Bay in Wales

Donor details for the plaque

Kenilworth Castle page 23

White boar Embroidery of Richard III's white boar page 3

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