Contents of Dickon Independent Issue 122 - Christmas Issue
The branch magazine of the Worcestershire Branch of the Richard III Society


Roger Hendrick page 3

Branch Meetings pages 3 - 13

The French Connection: Richard III, France And The Battle Of Bosworth (On Zoom) - October 9 pages 3 - 9

Owain Glyn Dwr: Worcestershire Legend? Or Worcestershire Fact? (On Zoom) - November 13 pages 9 - 13

More Thoughts On Lady Margaret Beaufort And More pages 13 - 15

The Kings Birthday pages 16 - 18

Tiny Gold Book Found page 18

Tewkesbury Museum page 19



The coat of arms of Richard, Duke of Gloucester in Great Malvern Priory Cover

The coat of arms of Anne Neville, Duchess of Glouceester, in Great Malvern Priory Cover

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