Contents of Dickon Independent Issue 45 - October 2002 - the Birthday Issue
The branch magazine of the Worcestershire Branch of the Richard III Society

The articles which you can read are .pdf files and need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to look at them. Please go to the What's New page for a link to install this free software and an explanation of its usefulness.


Monarch Slain In Midlands Horror pages 3 - 4

From A Drinks Coaster Made For The Richards Of This World page 4

A Report On The 2002 Society Conference Held At York University April 12 - 14 (Part Two) pages 5 - 10

Richard III Society Conference, York 2002 - “Richard III : Man & King” - Some Selected Highlights pages 10 - 14

Tudor’s Army And Sweating Sickness page 14

The Berkeley, Mowbray And Talbot Families And Their Connections With Edward IV pages 15 - 24
You can only view the family tree and notes as the article contains the work of several people.

One Step Forward And One Step Back pages 24 - 26

Bawdy Book Acquired By British Library page 26

Medieval Costumes page 26

Dressing For The Part pages 27 - 30

Branch Meetings pages 30 - 36

Much Wenlock - June 8 pages 30 - 32

The Battle Of Tewkesbury Weekend 2002 pages 32 - 36


Playing Card Figures page 12

Woodcut From 1493 Book page 12

Editor’s Photographs:- Pat And Margaret As Monks page 28

Doug Weeks Talking About Caxton page 31

Ralph Richardson Dispelling Myths page 32

Part Of Branch Display At Tewkesbury pages 35& 36

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