Article on page 15 of Dickon Independent issue 75

Book Reviews

The Cleaving Of Paycockeís by Orlando Wysocki
The Cleaving of Paycockeís was recommended by John Saunders in the June Bulletin. As I have always thought the house looks beautiful, I decided to read it. I suspected from the start what the Ricardian connection would be and was right, but itís a super read which even I found hard to put down when real life called. The story revolves around three lots of occupants of the house in different centuries - Thomas Paycocke, the son of the builder of the house; the Holsts, and the current guardian of the house on behalf of the National Trust, and his daughters.

The Krillitane Storm by Christopher Cooper
The Krillitane Storm is set in medieval Worcester and features David Tennant as Dr Who rescuing the city from these evil creatures, and the aliens who brought them here to exploit. The cathedral will never be the same again!

Arthur Tudor, Prince Of Wales: Life, Death And Commemoration edited by Steven Gunn
I havenít read this or bought it as it costs £50! But it contains a lot of information about the chantry chapel in Worcester Cathedral and a whole chapter is devoted to the funeral re-enactment of 2002, in which some of our members took part.

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