Article on pages 9 - 10 of Dickon Independent issue 75

Medieval Hat And Script - February 13

This was my first meeting since the AGM last year and what an interesting one it was! Pam Harrison had us all making medieval hats or scripts from very easy instructions. All the materials were supplied by Pam and Pat Parminter. There was very little actual sewing involved and we had time to make mistakes and start again and still achieve a finished product in the time available.

The four of us on my table all made a circular band to put on the top of the head, which could be decorated with a brooch or other jewels and/or braiding, or left plain, and worn with a veil.

The initial shape was made with newspaper rolled into a sausage and made big enough to pass over the head and down to the neck. The newspaper was bound with sellotape to keep its shape. Then wadding was wound round the newspaper to pad it out and make it soft. This was kept in place with cotton thread. Finally strips of material were wound round and round, carefully overlapping, and the ends stitched to hold them firm. The padding and material made the hat small enough to sit on the head. I finished mine with green velvet. Jane found a brooch to go on the front of hers. Ann had two different colours wound round hers. Judith used two lots of dark red material, one shiny and one matt, and so wound them round that the shiny material showed in a gap between the strips of matt material. It looked very effective.

Val and Brenda both made coifs from rectangular pieces of linen joined together then shaped to the head with darts. Val finished hers with a contrasting edging and Brenda had used some material with a self-coloured design on it.

It wasnít just ladies either, though I didnít notice what the men made, being too engrossed in my creation! The first attempt was too big so I had to undo it all back to the newspaper and start again. The second attempt was a bit small but it had to do. I only needed to wind one lot of velvet round to cover the wadding. I think everyone had to undo their work at some stage and start again.

It was a very interesting afternoon and quite a different activity for our branch. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who welcomed me back very warmly after a long absence. It was good to be back with you all!

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