Article on pages 14 - 15 of Dickon Independent issue 77

Wales And The Wars Of The Roses

Thanks to Sharon K. Penman1 for telling me that William Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (5 March 1451 Ė 16 July 1491) married Kathryn, the illegitimate daughter of King Richard III, in September 1484. I hadnít realised that when I wrote the article in Dickon Independent Issue 76 pages 4 - 6.

A Yorkist, he first married Mary Woodville, sister of the queen, Elizabeth Woodville, and they had one daughter, Elizabeth Herbert, 3rd Baroness Herbert. He wasnít very wealthy, and after his marriage to his second wife, Kathryn, he received an annuity of some 600 pounds a year, nearly doubling his income.

Kathryn was presumed dead by 1487, because when William participated in the coronation of his first wife's niece, Elizabeth of York, he was described as a widower. They had no children.

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