Article on pages 11 - 12 of Dickon Independent issue 79

Christmas Party - December 11

We thought it was cold when we gathered for our Christmas get -together but it was nothing compared to the weather to come! Once we were all settled with wine or juice, Judith played the DVD about the Princes in the Tower which failed to work properly at our last meeting. This time we saw it all.

Next came a quiz devised by Judith. She read out twenty statements and we had to guess who each one described. I was lucky enough to get them all right and won two cheeses - one a Wensleydale with cranberries, and the other a white Stilton with apricots. Delicious!

I had prepared a quiz and a crossword but time was running out and we were all being distracted by the table of delicious food, so people took them home to complete and bring to the January meeting for marking. I have a prize for the winner in the quiz and the crossword but fortunately mine are not perishable! *

As usual we had an amazing quantity of delicious food to share and were soon tucking in and going back for seconds. There was also the special raffle to draw and again I struck lucky with a box of chocolates. The star prize was a bottle of Richard III ale from the Bosworth Battlefield Centre. Time was rushing by though and it was a bit of a rush to have cups of tea and wash up and clear away before 5pm. We forgot to do the collection instead of sending each other Christmas cards so will do it at the January meeting.

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