Article on pages 10 - 11 of Dickon Independent issue 85

Tewkesbury Battle And Medieval Fair - July 14

Mud, mud, glorious mud! But thanks to Steve Goodchild and the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society it went ahead and was as successful as ever.

We couldnít take cars onto the field so had to carry things from the council car park. Some things got left behind as not essential!

Pat, Ralph, Pam and Bill did several trips in the drizzle and soon had the two tables set up with the display and books for sale.

In the main marquee were the usual people - Graham Turner with his paintings, the Tewkesbury Museum, the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society, the Lance and Longbow Society, the Richard III Foundation, and some newcomers selling jewellery, clothing and computer enhanced photographs.

Pat Hibbs joined us, then Pam Harrison. Jane Tinklin and June Tilt helped out in the afternoon. Pat and Ralph bravely wore medieval costume. Bill and I wandered round all the stalls several times and left early to watch the battle. But not early enough - many people took up position well over an hour before it started.

However we did get a good view though when the action was right in front of us it was raining! Not good for the camera. I thought it was much better waiting for the battle then watching it in cooler weather, and I bet the soldiers felt the same.

Everyone was sensibly dressed in wellies or walking boots. Fortunately we only had one shower of rain all day. We sold all but two of Geoffrey Richardsonís books.

As soon as the battle was over we packed things up to make several journeys back to the cars, and were able to leave earlier because of this.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped, and Pat Parminter deserves an extra special thank you for being on the stall the whole day.

Thanks also to Steve Goodchild and the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society for letting us have a stall in the main marquee. It is much appreciated as it lets us be at the heart of things.

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