Thumbnails of Hellens and St Bartholomew's Church, Much Marcle, Herefordshire

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Hellens has a fascinating history beginning in 1096. Roger Mortimer who killed Edward II came here often. It was the home of Sir James Audley, a close friend of the Black Prince. Queen Mary visited when still a princess.

St Bartholomew's Church

The ancient yew tree in the church yard

Yew tree branches supported by old lamp posts

15th century preaching cross. An English Heritage listed monument

Ralph telling us all about the church

Figure carved from a solid block of oak. Wooden monumental effigies are very rare

Walter de Helyon who lived at Hellens in the 1350's

Information about Walter de Helyon

Above Blanche's tomb: the first, third and fifth panels show the Grandison arms, the second and fourth panels show the Mortimer arms

Close up of the Grandison arms on her tomb

Blanche was the wife of Sir Peter de Grandison whose tomb is in Hereford Cathedral

Blanche died in 1347 and was a daughter of Roger Mortimer, the first Earl of March

Tomb dating from 1390 - 1410, possibly Sir Hugh Audley and his mother Yseult, Lady Audley, though Sir Hugh died in 1325

The Kyrle tomb: Sir John was born in 1568 and died in 1650

Sir John Kyrle and his wife Sybil Scudamore

Part of the inner courtyard of Hellens dating from 1290

Part of the inner courtyard of Hellens dating from 1290

The Audley arms over the gateway

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