Library Catalogue of the Worcestershire Branch
of the Richard III Society

Alphabetical List of Branch Library Stock

ARTHURSON, Ian The Perkin Warbeck Conspiracy 1491 - 1499 - Non Fiction
ASHDOWN-HILL, John The Dublin King - Non Fiction
ASHDOWN-HILL, John Eleanor: The Secret Queen - Non Fiction
ASHDOWN-HILL, John Richard III's 'Beloved Cousyn' John Howard and the House of York - Non Fiction
ASHDOWN-HILL, John Royal Marriage Secrets - Non Fiction
ASHDOWN-HILL, John The Third Plantagenet - Non Fiction
AUSTEN, Jane The History of England by a Partial, Prejudiced and Ignorant Historian - Non Fiction
AUSTIN, John D. Merevale and Atherstone: 1485. Recent Bosworth Discoveries - Non Fiction
AWDRY, George The Richard III Society - A History - Non Fiction

BACKHOUSE, Janet Illuminated Page: 10 Centuries of Manuscript Painting - Non Fiction
Banquet Photos - Thirtieth Anniversary on USB stick - Other Material
Banquet Photos - Thirtieth Anniversary Photo Album in Branch History for 2016 - Other Material
Barley Hall, York. Visitors' Guide Book - Non Fiction
BARKER, Philip St Wulfstan: His Life and Times - Non Fiction
Battle of Tewkesbury 4th May 1471 (Booklet published to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the battle) - Non Fiction
BAYARD, Tania Sweet Herbs and Sundry Flowers: Medieval Gardens and the Gardens of the Cloisters - Non Fiction
BENNETT, Michael S. Richard III on Trial for Murder - Non Fiction
BENNETT, Michael S. The Sensational Trial of Richard III or Richard III - Part Two. A Play in Two Acts - Non Fiction
Bewdley Charter - Other Material
Blanc Sanglier - Magazine
BORG, Alan Arms and Armour in Britain - Non Fiction
Bosworth Battlefield Leaflet - Other Material
Bosworth Battle Trail - Other Material
BRIDGES, Tim Churches of Worcestershire - Non Fiction
British Archaeology - Magazine
Bruges on Foot - A Photographic Guidebook - Non Fiction
BRYANT, Arthur The Age of Chivalry - Non Fiction
BRYER, Ronald Not the Least: The Story of Little Malvern - Non Fiction
BUCHANAN, Patricia Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots - Non Fiction
BYDE, Nigel The Battle of Tewkesbury 1471: A Photographic Celebration of the Medieval Festival - Non Fiction

CARSON, A. J. (Ed.) Finding Richard III: The Official Account of Research by the Retrieval and Reburial Project - Non Fiction
CARSON, Annette Richard III: The Maligned King - Non Fiction
CARVER, Anne The Story of Duntisbourne Rous - Non Fiction
The Charity of Thomas Barton - Blue Plaque Walk of HIstorical Stoke Golding - 6 leaflets - Other Material
CHEETHAM, Anthony The Life and Times of Richard III - Non Fiction
CHRIMES, S. B. Henry VII - Non Fiction
The Chronicles Of The White Rose - Magazine
Church Detective Quiz - Other Material
CHURCHILL, Winston The Island Race - Non Fiction
CLEMEN, W. H. A Commentary on Shakespeare's Richard III - Non Fiction
COOK, O The English House through Seven Centuries - Non Fiction
COULTON, G. G. The Medieval Scene - Non Fiction
COVENEY, Thomas Heraldic Banners of the Wars of the Roses: Counties of Anglesey to Hampshire - Non Fiction
COVENEY, Thomas Heraldic Banners of the Wars of the Roses: Counties of Herefordshire to Rutland - Non Fiction
COVENEY, Thomas Heraldic Banners of the Wars of the Roses: Counties of Shropshire to Yorkshire - Non Fiction
CUNNINGHAM, Sean Richard III - Non Fiction

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DANZIGER, Danny & GILLINGHAM, John 1215: The Year Of MAGNA CARTA - Non Fiction
DAVIES, Robert York Records of the Fifteenth Century - Non Fiction
Dickon Independent - Magazine
DOCKRAY, Keith Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou and the Wars of the Roses: A Source Book - Non Fiction
DOCKRAY, Keith Richard III: A Reader in History - Non Fiction
DREWETT, Richard The Trial of Richard III (TV script) - Non Fiction
DYER, Christopher Everyday Life in Medieval England - Non Fiction

EAMES, Elizabeth English Tilers (Medieval Craftsmen) - Non Fiction

FALKUS, Gila The Life and Times of Edward IV - Non Fiction
FIELDS, Bertram Royal Blood - Non Fiction
FOSS, Peter The Field of Redemore - Non Fiction
FOX-DAVIES, Arthur C. Heraldic Designs - Non Fiction
FRYDE, E. B. The Great Revolt of 1381 - Non Fiction

GALL, Judie C. Ferne-Ago: An Introduction to Medieval Words and Terms - Non Fiction
GIBBONS, GHistoric Castles of Britain - Non Fiction
GILLINGHAM, John & DANZIGER, Danny 1215: The Year Of MAGNA CARTA - Non Fiction
The Golden Age Of Richard III Exhibition held in Gloucester in 1983 - Catalogue
GOODWIN, George Fatal Colours - Non Fiction
GOZZOLI, Dr M. C. How to Recognize Gothic Art - Non Fiction
GRAVETT, Christopher Tewkesbury 1471: The Last Yorkist Victory - Non Fiction
GRIFFITHS, Ralph A. The Making of the Tudor Dynasty - Non Fiction
GUY, Christopher St Wulfstan: His Life and Times - Non Fiction

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HAIGH, Philip A. Where Both the Hosts Fought - Non Fiction
HAMEL, Christopher de Scribes and Illuminators (Medieval Craftsmen) - Non Fiction
HAMMOND, P. W. The Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury - Non Fiction
HAMMOND, P. W. Richard III - The Road to Bosworth Field - Non Fiction (2 copies)
HANCOCK, Peter Richard III and the Murder in the Tower - Non Fiction
HARRISON, G. B. The Penguin Shakespeare Richard the Third - Non Fiction
HEINZ, DORA Medieval Tapestries - Non Fiction
HEYDT, Bruce The Curious Career and Uncertain Past of Perkin Warbeck - Article from British Heritage March 1993 - Magazine
HIBBERT, C. The Court at Windsor - Non Fiction
HICKS, Michael Richard III - Non Fiction
HICKS, Michael Richard III And His Rivals Magnates and their Motives in the Wars of the Roses - Non Fiction
HILL, Posy Traitors' Arms - printed article Non Fiction
HODGES, Geoffrey Ludford Bridge and Mortimer's Cross - Non Fiction
HOPPER, Barbara St Nicholas' Church, Warndon - Non Fiction
HORROX, Rosemary British Library Harleian Manuscript 433 - Volumes one, two, three and four - Non Fiction
HUNT, S. J. A History of Fotheringhay - Non Fiction

IVES, Eric The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn - Non Fiction

JACKDAW FOLDER Richard III and the Princes in the Tower - Non Fiction
JENKINS, Elizabeth The Princes in the Tower - Non Fiction
JERNINGHAM, Edward Account of King Edward the Fourth's Second Invasion of England, in 1471, drawn up by one of his Followers; translated from a French Manuscript in the Public Library at Ghent. - Non Fiction
JOHNSON, P. A. Duke Richard of York 1411 - 1460 - Non Fiction
JONES, Michael K. Bosworth 1485: Psychology of a Battle - Non Fiction

KELLY, Rosemary A World of Change: Britain in the Early Modern Age 1450 - 1700 - Non Fiction
KENDALL, Paul Murray Louis XI - Non Fiction
KENDALL, Paul Murray Richard III - Non Fiction
KNOWLES, Clive H. Landscape History - Non Fiction

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LABARGE, Margaret Wade Medieval Travellers: The Rich and Restless - Non Fiction
LACK, Katherine The Cockleshell Pilgrim - Non Fiction
LAYNESMITH, J. L. The Last Medieval Queens - Non Fiction
Leicester Mercury - Magazine
LEWIS, Matthew Richard, Duke of York, King by Right - Non Fiction
Life in a Monastery - Non Fiction

MACCULLOCH, D. A Bailiff's List and Chronicle from Worcester - Non Fiction
MACLACHLAN, Donald The Adventure of The Bloody Tower - Fiction
MANCINI, Dominic The Usurpation of Richard III - Non Fiction
MANNERING, Dianne A Crown for Staffordshire: Royal Pretenders in the 14th - 16th Centuries - Non Fiction
Middleham - Various leaflets - Other Material
MORTIMER, Ian The Perfect King: A Life of Edward III - Non Fiction
MORTIMER, Ian The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England - Non Fiction
MYERS, A. R. England in the Late Middle Ages (1307 - 1536) - Non Fiction
MYSTERY FILES - The Princes in the Tower - DVD

NEWMAN, Sarah Yorkists and Tudors 1450 - 1603 - Non Fiction
News And Views - Magazine
Newsletter - Magazine

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O'REGAN, Mary The Medieval Manor Court of Wakefield - Non Fiction

PARRY, T. A Church For Bosworth Field - Non Fiction
PENN, Thomas Winter King: The Dawn of Tudor England - Non Fiction
PLOWDEN. Alison Elizabethan England - Non Fiction
POLLARD, A. J. Richard III and the Princes in the Tower - Non Fiction (2 copies)
POTTER, Jeremy Good King Richard - Non Fiction (2 copies)

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The Ragged Staff - Magazine - Online only
RIII - Magazine - Online only
The Ragged Staff - Magazine
Ralph Richardson, Branch Chairman, talking to Katie Smith on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester on Thursday January 25th 2001 - Audio Tape
RAVENSDALE, Jack The Domesday Inheritance - Non Fiction
REID, Alan The Castles of Wales - Non Fiction
REMFRY, Paul Hay on Wye Castle 1066 to 1298 - Non Fiction
REMFRY, Paul The Herefordshire Beacon 1043 to 1154 - Non Fiction
REMFRY, Paul Radnor Castle 1066 to 1282 - Non Fiction
REMFRY, Paul Castles of Radnorshire - Non Fiction
The Ricardian - Magazine
The Ricardian Bulletin - Magazine
Ricardian Chronicle - Magazine - Online only
Ricardian Recorder - Magazine - Online only
Ricardian Register - Magazine - Online only
Ricardian West - Magazine - Online only
Ricardus Rex - Magazine - Online only
Richard III National Portrait Gallery Exhibition Catalogue 1973 - Catalogue
Richard III: The King in the Car Park - DVD
Richard III: The Unseen Story - DVD
RICHARDSON, Geoffrey The Hollow Crowns - Non Fiction
RICHARDSON, Geoffrey The Deceivers - Non Fiction
RICHARDSON, Geoffrey The Lordly Ones - Non Fiction
RICHARDSON, Geoffrey The Popinjays - Non Fiction
RICHARDSON, Geoffrey A Pride of Bastards - Non Fiction
RICHARDSON, Ralph The Effigy Tombs of the Gentry of Worcestershire 1500 - 1700 - Non Fiction

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ST AUBYN, Giles The Year of Three Kings 1483 - Non Fiction
SALTER, Mike The Castles of Herefordshire and Worcestershire - Non Fiction
SARKAR, K Print of Melee: Tewkesbury, 4 May 1471 - Other Material
SCOTT, Lesley and SCOTT, Louise Sir Cumferance and Shre Ricardians Cartoons - Other Material - 4 pdf files
SEYMOUR, William Battles in Britain 1066 - 1746 - Non Fiction
SHOESMITH, Ron Castles and Moated Sites of Herefordshire - Non Fiction
Silver Boar - Magazine
SINCLAIR, Alexandra The Beauchamp Pageant - Non Fiction
SMURTHWAITE, David The Ordnance Survey Complete Guide to the Battlefields of Britain - Non Fiction
STANILAND, Kay Embroiderers (Medieval Craftsmen) - Non Fiction
SUTTON, A. J. The Chronicles of the White Rose of York - Non Fiction
SUTTON, Anne F. The Hours of Richard III - Non Fiction
SUTTON, Anne F. Richard III and the Knave of Cards - Non Fiction (Article)

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival - Photos from the very beginning of Tewkesbury’s medieval fair - CD ROM
Tewkesbury Medieval Fair and Battle Re-enactment 2004 filmed by Dave Luitweiler of the American Branch - Video
Tewkesbury 2004 - a collection of photos taken by Dave Luitweiler of the American Branch plus list of photos - CD ROM
Tewkesbury 2005 - a collection of photos taken by Dave Luitweiler of the American Branch (3 CD ROMs), plus list of photos - CD ROM
THOMPSON, Richard K. Relevancies to Richard III 1483 - 1485 - Non Fiction
THURSFIELD, S The Medieval Tailor's Assistant: Common Garments 1100 - 1480 - Non Fiction
Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society - offprint - Magazine
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Banquet - Photos from the banquet on 11 June 2011 - CD

VALE, John The Politics of Fifteenth Century England: John Vale's Book. Edited by Margaret Lucille Kekewich, Colin Richmond, Anne F. Sutton, Livia Visser-Fuchs, John L. Watts
VAUGHAN, Richard John the Fearless - Non Fiction
VIRGOE, Roger Private Life in the Fifteenth Century - Non Fiction

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WALPOLE, Horace Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of Richard III - Non Fiction
WATERMAN, C Mad Dogs and an English Girl - Non Fiction
WEAVER, John Middleham Castle Guide Book - Non Fiction
WEIR, Alison Lancaster and York (the Wars of the Roses) - Non Fiction
WEIR, Alison The Princes in the Tower - Non Fiction
WILLIAMS, Neville The Life and Times of Henry VII - Non Fiction
WILLIAMS, Richard Wigmore Castle - Notes - Non Fiction
WILLIAMSON, Audrey The Mystery of the Princes - Non Fiction
WOOD, Charles T. Joan of Arc and Richard III - Non Fiction WOODWARD, G. W. O. Richard III (Pitkin) - Non Fiction (3 copies)
WRIGHT, Esmond The American Guide to Britain - Non Fiction
WROE, Ann The Perfect Prince: The Mystery of Perkin Warbeck and his Quest for the Throne of England - Non Fiction

YORK CITY ARCHIVES Richard III and the City of York - Non Fiction

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