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Mistress Blanche: Queen Elizabeth I’s Confidante by Ruth Elizabeth Richardson

Paperback price: £12.95. p&p free in UK; small charge to cover costs for overseas posting.

Published by Logaston Press. ISBN 978 1 904396 86 4

See the dedicated website which complements this book. The Bacton Epitaph is here and can be printed, and enlarged.

This year, 2007-2008, is the 500th anniversary of Blanche Parry’s birth for she was born between March 1507 and March 1508. Her family was connected to the Herberts of Raglan Castle and the Stradlings of St. Donat’s. She first went to the Tudor Royal Court in the reign of King Henry VIII, when her aunt, Lady Troy was appointed Lady Mistress to the King’s royal children, Elizabeth and Edward; she also supervised Mary when she lived with the younger children. Blanche remained with Queen Elizabeth and was pre-eminent at the very centre of her Court. Lord Burghley was her friend and cousin.

In order to reinstate Blanche a biography (the first) has been published to celebrate the anniversary of Blanche’s birth and a summary of this is given on the website. The Book Launch on Saturday 24th November, at Bacton, on the Welsh-English border, where Blanche grew up, was a marvellous experience with crowds attending.

To augment the book, the website is hosting additional information, including transcripts of some of the documents used and of all the relevant bardic poems transcribed into modern Welsh and also translated into English. It is also intended to list the members of the Queen’s Household who have been found in the course of research.

First, however, an exact copy of the Bacton Epitaph, composed by Blanche for her monument in Bacton Church, is given in full. Transcribed by Paul Richardson, it can now be dated to before November 1578 and is probably c.1576-1577. This date means that this monument, for the first time depicting Queen Elizabeth as an icon, is now recognised as of national importance.

The book can be ordered at any bookshop using the ISBN but if you wish these are the Publisher’s Details: Mr. A. Johnson, Proprietor, Logaston Press, Little Logaston, Woonton, Almeley, Herefordshire HR3 6QH Telephone: 01544 327344 e-mail: Andy Johnson Web site:

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