The Legendary Ten Seconds

A new song about Richard III, on the Wonder Songs album.

Murrey and Blue album review.

Podcast about how Ian was inspired to record lots of Ricardian songs

A song for Philippa Langley. Philippa allowed the use of some of her photos for a slideshow to accompany the music of the song.

A new digital version of the Tant le Desiree ( Richard III ) album which is available on Bandcamp from 1st November 2023. This new digital version includes the narratives which were written and read by Sandra Heath Wilson and these were not previously available in digital format via Apple music and Spotify etc.
Although the album was originally released several years ago the recorded narratives were only included on the CD version of the album.
The narratives can be heard at the beginning of track number 2 (The Ragged Staff) through to the last song number 15 (The Road to Middleham). There is no narrative for the 1st song on the album.

Thrilling Blunder Stories is now available on Bandcamp and contains two Ricardian songs.

There is a song about John de Vere, the Earl of Oxford on their new Cornish and Devonian album. The song focuses on the siege of St Michael's Mount during the reign of Edward IV.

A video to promote a new Wars of the Roses novel written by an author called Philip Photiou who lives in Plymouth, Devon. The novel is called The Lamb of God and follows on from his previous novel called The Wrath of God. The new novel covers the battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury.

Ian has recorded new versions of some of his Ricardian songs with his friend Jules Jones as the lead vocalist.
This includes the one about Coldridge.
The other songs are:-
1482 Campaign in Scotland
Battle of Bosworth
Birth of Edward V

He also has a new album out - Jules Jones and The legendary Ten Seconds.

Songs About Richard III - 2022 Revised Edition.
This is the 2022 revised edition of Songs About Richard III.
It includes the lyrics for the songs which have been released on the albums which have been recorded as The Legendary Ten Seconds. The songs that I have written and recorded tell the story of the life and times of this King and the book has been written to try to satisfy the demand from people who want to know more about my music.
The introduction for the book has been written by the author Kathy Martin and her books include The Woodville Connection and The Beaulieu Vanishing. My book has been edited with the help of the author Sandra Heath Wilson who has had many novels published since the 1970's. Sandra wrote and read the narratives which accompany the songs for the second album about Richard III by The Legendary Ten Seconds and these narratives are included in my book.
The original version of Songs About Richard III was published in 2016 and this revised edition includes details of the songs which have been recorded up until the end of 2021. It includes information about the Mer de Mort album which was recorded to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Mortimer History Society. It also includes details about the Torbay Pageant concept albums which was the main focus of The Legendary Ten Seconds throughout 2020 and the songs recorded in 2021.

The Herald's Lament from the Musical Almanac CD.

Murrey and Blue CDs are now available from this supplier.

The latest album Songs About Devon contains a song about Richard III and one about Perkin Warbeck.

An alternative version of the song Charm and Grace about the coronation of Elizabeth Woodville in 1465. The original version is on the Devon Roses album.

Semi Acoustic Almanac 2021 is latest album from The Legendary Ten Seconds and contains new versions of the Ricardian songs: Less Fortunate Than Fair, The Lord Protector and Half Angel. If anyone would like to purchase a CD then they should send an email to

New version of The Lord Protector.

Royal Title from the album Richard III was inspired by Sir George Buc's The History of King Richard III. A new edition edited by Arthur Kincaid, assisted by Annette Carson, is now available.

The second album of songs about the history of Torbay, The Pageant of Torbay Part Two.

The Welsh Marcher Lordships I: Central & North by Philip Hume..
This video by The Legendary Ten Seconds shows some of the wonderful countryside covered by the book.

A new version of The Year of Three Kings.

A new version of their first Richard III album, Loyalty Binds Me, It includes narratives written by Sandra Heath Wilson. The narratives are in the form of an exchange of fictional letters read by Sandra as Richard III's mother and his sister Margaret read by Elaine Churchward.

An album of songs about Torbay. One of the songs is about Torre Abbey leading up to the time of Henry VIII.
Lyrics and information about The Pageant of Torbay Part One. The album can be purchased from the shop at the museum in Torquay or by sending an email to

Another album from The Legendary Ten Seconds Amazing Songs. This video features the song about the Richard III gold half angel in Buckingham Old Gaol Museum.

God Aid The Marshal is about William Marshal and also from Amazing Songs.

This album is called The Acoustic Almanac 2020 and includes a couple of Ricardian songs. You can hear the music on youtube.

A different version of the song about the Richard III Society.

History Book Part Two from The Legendary Ten Seconds.
It contains two Ricardian songs; one about the De Cobham Household Wars of the Roses re-enactment group, and the other the Ricardian Dream - victory for Richard at Bosworth.

A review of Distant Echoes: Richard III Speaks by Joanne R. Larner, who was inspired to write this book by one of the songs of The Legendary Ten Seconds.

Thrilling Blunder Stories - Details of the album. It contains songs about all sorts of topics.

Information about the Devon Roses album on the Murrey and Blue blog.

Information about Instrumental Legends and links to other albums by the group.

A review of Mer de Mort.

Who Layeth There from History Book Part One about Coldridge Church and Edward V.

Here is a link to a video made for Devon Roses, a Ricardian album recorded to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Devon & Cornwall Branch of the Richard III Society. It includes snippets of some of the songs that are on the album with photos of the lady singers of the Legendary Ten Seconds.
You can buy the CD from these retailers and from the band's website:
Amazon in Britain
Amazon in America

The comedy song about the Mortimers recorded by The Legendary Ten Seconds for the Mortimer History Society is available from Amazon. It features the vocal talents of the actor John Challis as Boycie.
You can hear it here.

This album from The Legendary Ten Seconds is called The History Book Part One. About half the songs are Ricardian.

A video of the artwork for the History Book Part One album cover. The new King in the Car Park recording from the CD version of the album is the background music.

Mer de Mort is an album by The Legendary Ten Seconds, all about the Mortimer family, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Mortimer History Society in 2019.

Watch a video about the album.

Listen to previews of the tracks.

More information about the album on the Medieval Archives website.

A song for the Harrington Wars of the Roses reenactment groups, using photos of the 2 reenactment groups at the August 2018 Bosworth event and also a video clip that Ian Churchward recorded at Tewkesbury several years ago. There are two different Harrington groups. One is called the Harrington Household and the other one is Sir William Harrington's Companye.
The lyrics came mostly from the website for Sir William Harrington's Companye.

A promotional video for The King's Man, a novel by Alex Marchant.

Ian Churchward and his wife Elaine performing their Ricardian songs at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre on 18 August 2018.

Richard Victorious, a novel about Richard III by Shirley Hall, accompanied by a video and new song by Ian Churchward.

The Chapel of Sir John in Coldridge Church in Devon, containing the stained glass window of Edward V. All the photos in the video were taken by Ian, apart from one of a carving in a wooden screen.

A song about The Lady Anne Neville, to accompany the page of the Wars of the Roses colouring book of Anne Neville.

A song about Edmund Mortimer during the reign of Henry IV, to promote On The Trail Of The Mortimers, a book written by the chairman of the Mortimer History Society.

A video of the Beaufort Companye song showing the reenactment group in action.

A video for the song about the Medieval Free Company Wars of the Roses reenactment group, using photos taken at Buckland Abbey near Plymouth.

A video for the Woodville Household song mainly using video and photos of the Woodville reenactment group.

Ian Churchward has (up to January 2018) donated over £1200 to SAUK from the sales of his albums of music about Richard III. SAUK promotes research into scoliosis.

Middleham Castle jigsaw, set to the music of Plantagenet Pavane. The jigsaw is from Lost in Castles.

A review of the music of The Legendary Ten Seconds on this Ricardian blog.

Listen to Boar's Head, a medieval Christmas song.

Murrey and Blue is available from the following retailers: Amazon UK; Amazon USA; iTunes; Spotify;

This promotional video will make you laugh! It's for an album called Murrey and Blue from The Legendary Ten Seconds.

Promotional video by The Legendary Ten Seconds for a new Ricardian book by author Alex Marchant called The Order of the White Boar.

The Legendary Ten Seconds released a new version of The Court of King Richard III on itunes on 2nd October 2017.
It's available as a download from Amazon or iTunes.

The Legendary Ten Seconds released a new version of their White Surrey song on 22nd August, which is available in digital format only on iTunes, Amazon etc. The drawing of White Surrey and Richard III is by Frances Quinn.

White Surrey from Amazon UK.

White Surrey from Amazon USA.

Listen to the song illustrated with photographs of the battle reenactment at Bosworth taken by author Matthew Lewis.

The Devon and Cornwall Branch in Leicestershire. The music accompanying the video is Wheat in the Field by The Legendary Ten Seconds, all about Tudor's march to Bosworth in 1485.

Watch the video to accompany the song "Shakespeare's Richard" by The Legendary Ten Seconds.

Photos taken by Judy Jacobs and Ashley Mantle accompany the Battle of Barnet song.

Here’s a video Ian Churchward made a few years ago for The Medieval Free Company showing the reenactment group at Buckland Abbey, accompanied by music called The Ragged Staff.

Video on you tube for the Blood and Roses board game accompanied by York City Fair.

Video on you tube for the Loyaulte Me Lie board game using an instrumental called Sans Charger from the Loyaulte Me Lie album.

Ian Churchward has had an article published on the Medieval Archives website about his book and his Sunnes and Roses album.

Listen to Francis Cranley by the Legendary Ten Seconds. The song is based upon the Woodville Connection Ricardian novel by Kathy Martin.

Listen to The Legendary Ten Seconds song about Warwick the Kingmaker from their latest album Sunnes and Roses.

Ann Brightmore-Armour, a member of the Devon & Cornwall Branch of the Richard III Society, has written a short account of Richard's visit to Exeter in November 1483 and she has also illustrated the booklet. The video is accompanied by music from Sunnes and Roses.

Sunnes and Roses, an album from The Legendary Ten Seconds, is available for download from Amazon.

A song about the medieval festival in Tewkesbury from the new album Sunnes and Roses by The Legendary Ten Seconds.

A Christmas song from the Legendary Ten Seconds out now.
Listen to Middleham Castle on Christmas Eve. Buy it from Amazon, Apple, .

Ian Churchward of the Legendary Ten Seconds has made a video showing the Worcestershire Branch at Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, set to his song "Tewkesbury Tale, 1471".

Ian Churchward of the Legendary Ten Seconds has written a book about his Richard III music project, available from Amazon for £4.50.

A new website for The Legendary Ten Seconds.

Video of the Legendary Ten Seconds performing Yorkist Archer.

The Legendary Ten Seconds released a track about the Battle of Towton on the anniversary of the battle, 29 March. It is available from Richard The Third Records and Amazon.

The Legendary Ten Seconds and their music about Richard III.
A review of their concert at Stony Stratford.

Listen to The Legendary Ten Seconds' song about the reburial of King Richard III accompanied by images of reburial week in Leicester.

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