1 February 1473

Richard marries Anne.

The Middleham Standard will fly at Middleham Castle every 1 February to commemorate the marriage.


3 February 1461

Battle of Mortimer's Cross

4 February 2013

Richard III's remains identified

5 6 7
8 9 10 February 1441

Henry Plantagenet born at Hatfield, Hertfordshire. One of Richard's brothers. He died before 1445

11 February 1466

Elizabeth of York born

11 February 1503

Elizabeth of York dies on her 37th birthday

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15 16 17 February 1461

Second battle of St Albans

Duchess of York sends Richard and George to Burgundy to escape the marauding Lancastrians after Warwick lost the 2nd battle of St Albans

17 February 1472

Edward, Richard and George meet at Sheen Palace to discuss the division of Warwick's estates

18 February 1478

George Duke of Clarence dies in the Tower, probably drowned in butt of malmsey.

19 20 21 February 1478

Richard made Great Chamberlain of England

22 23 24 February 1482

Richard Duke of Gloucester given a licence to buy food for the garrison on the Scottish border

25 February 1475

Edward, son of the Duke of Clarence, born at Warwick Castle

26 27 February 1461

Edward, Duke of York, Earl of March, enters London and is offered the crown

29 February 1484

Marriage agreed between Richard III's illegitimate daughter Katherine and William Earl of Huntingdon

February 1470

Richard appointed Chief Justice and Chamberlain of South Wales, Steward of the King's Lands in the counties of Carmarthen and Cardigan.

February 1475

Richard made Sheriff of Cumberland for life

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