1 2 June 1461

George and Richard formally welcomed in London by the City corporation and livery companies

3 June 1473

Richard takes the Countess of Warwick from Beaulieu to Middleham Castle

3 June 1482

The war with Scotland begins again

4 5 June 1483

Anne, Richard's wife, arrives in London from Middleham

6 7
8 June 1492

Elizabeth Woodville dies at Bermondsey Abbey. It's a Friday

8 June 1963

Dedication of the altar frontal at Middleham Church, presented by the Richard III Society

9 10 11 June 1456

Queen Anne Neville born in Warwick Castle

12 June 1482

Richard is re-appointed the King's Lieutenant in the North

13 June 1483

Lord William Hastings beheaded

15 16 June 1483

Richard Duke of York joins his brother Edward V in the royal apartments in the Tower

16 June 1487

Battle of Stoke. John, Earl of Lincoln, killed

17 18 June 1468

Margaret of York goes to Flanders to marry Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy

18 June 1470

Richard presides over the Great Sessions in Carmarthen

19 20 21 June 1469

Richard and Edward IV at Walsingham in East Anglia

22 June 1483

Friar Shaa's sermon at Paul's Cross "Bastard slips shall not take root"

23 24 June 1469

Richard's letter written at Castle Rising in Norfolk to a friend asking for a loan - the earliest extant letter of his

25 June 1469

Richard is in King's Lynn, en route to Fotheringhay

25 June 1483

Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers, Lord Richard Grey and Sir Thomas Vaughan are beheaded

26 June 1460

Edward of March returns from exile in Calais with Warwick, Salisbury and an army of 2000 and lands at Sandwich in Kent

26 June 1461

George and Richard knighted

26 June 1471 Edward (son of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville) created Prince of Wales aged 7 months, at Westminster

26 June 1483

Parliament asks Richard to accept the crown and become Richard III

27 28 June 1461

Edward IV crowned

29 June 1461

George made Duke of Clarence and William Hastings made Lord Hastings

29 June 1471

Richard is granted the Neville strongholds of Middleham, Sheriff Hutton and Penrith.

The Middleham Standard will fly at Middleham Castle every 29 June to commemorate this.

29 June 1509

Margaret Beaufort dies


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