1 March 1484

Richard takes an oath to protect the daughters and wife of Edward IV as they leave the sanctuary of Westminster Abbey

2 3 4 March 1461

Edward Earl of March proclaimed King Edward IV

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8 9 March 1975

Dedication of York window at Fotheringhay church

10 11 March 1471

Richard embarks with Edward IV from Flushing

12 March 1470

Battle of Empingham or as it's better known, Lose-coat Field

13 14
15 16 March 1485

Queen Anne Neville dies during an eclipse of the sun.

The Middleham Standard will fly at Middleham Castle every 16 March to commemorate her death.

16 March 2014

Death of Michael Bennett, founder of the Richard III Museum in York

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22 March 1485

Richard III sent emissaries to Portugal to treat for the hand of Princess Joanna. One of them was Sir Edward Brampton

23 24 March 1471

Richard and Edward IV land at Ravenspur in Yorkshire

25 26 March 1470

Richard is at Hornby Castle helping the Harringtons defend it against the Stanleys.

26 March 2015

The reburial of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral.

The Middleham Standard will fly at Middleham Castle every 26 March to commemorate the reburial.

27 March 1482

Mary of Burgundy killed in a horse-riding accident

28 March 1461

Battle of Ferrybridge

29 March 1461

Battle of Towton

30 31 March 1485

Richard III publicly denies planning to marry his niece Elizabeth of York

March 1502

Elizabeth, Duchess of Suffolk, and one of Richard's sisters, dies in Wingfield, Suffolk

March? 1450

Thomas Plantagenet born at Fotheringhay. One of Richard's brothers

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