1 October 1960

Dedication of plaque to Queen Anne Neville in Westminster Abbey

2 October 1452

Richard III born at Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire.

The Middleham Standard will fly at Middleham Castle every 2 October to commemorate the birth of Richard.

2 October 1470

Richard and Edward IV flee to Burgundy from Lynn, now better known as King's Lynn

2 October 1959

Change of name from The Fellowship of the White Boar to the Richard III Society

3 4 5 6 October 1470

The re-adeption of Henry VI

6 October 1476

Richard, son of the Duke of Clarence, born in Tewkesbury Abbey

8 9 10 October 1460

Richard Duke of York claims the throne after returning from Ireland

10 October 1483

Buckingham rebels against Richard III

11 12 October 1459

Battle of Ludford Bridge. Richard captured at Ludlow together with his mother, brother and sister

12 October 1462

Richard created Admiral of England, Ireland and Aquitaine by his brother King Edward IV

12 October 1483

Richard III was in Lincoln on his progress and added the postscript to the letter describing the Duke of Buckingham as "the most untrue creature living"

13 October 1469

Richard escorts King Edward IV back to London after his release from Warwick's captivity

15 16 17 October 1469

Richard is made Constable of England

18 19 October 1483

Richard III stays at the Angel Inn in Grantham and has the Great Seal delivered to him in the King's Chamber there

20 21 October 1449

George Duke of Clarence born at Dublin Castle

22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31 October 1460

The Act of Accord, making the Duke of York Lord Protector and heir to Henry VI

31 October 1485

Henry VII crowned

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