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SAUK's Christmas cards are now available to purchase!
SAUK is a very small organisation and we rely on the support of our fundraisers and supporters to keep going. Each year, Christmas card sales account for a large part of our income, and make a huge difference to the work we do. All of our Christmas card proceeds go towards our support services, so we can work to make sure nobody affected by scoliosis is alone.

The Legendary Ten Seconds release a new version of The Court of King Richard III on itunes on 2nd October 2017.

The BBC History Hot 100 list for 2017 - Richard III has kept the top spot.

There's a History Festival in Warwick from 2 - 8 October.

Issue 331 of Current Archaeology has an article about a vervel which was found in Bedfordshire and probably belonged to a hunting bird belonging to either Edward V when he was Prince of Wales or to Edward of Lancaster.
Further information about the vervel
A vervel is a ring attached to the bird’s leg for securing it to the perch.

John Ashdown Hill is putting his talks onto his website and Facebook page for everyone to use.

John Ashdown-Hill's latest research into why Richard III's Y chromosome is different to others known to be descended from Edward III.

John Ashdown-Hill's full itinerary of Edward IV is on his section on the Amberley Publishing.website.

Sheriff Hutton Castle is for sale - only £1.1 million!

Saturday 18 November 2017 - Eminent Victorians in Worcestershire - day school at the Eden Centre, Grovewood Road, Malvern, WR14 1GD, 9.30am to 4.15pm. Tickets £7.50, lunch available for £6.

Saturday 12 May 2018 - Worcestershire Branch Study Day at Chaddesley Corbett Village Hall - reserve the date in your diary! Details to follow.
Matthew Lewis will be one of the speakers. He was hugely successful when talking to the branch about Richard, Duke of York, King by Right.

The Research Committee of the Richard III Society has compiled a list of books which are the Research Committee’s personal favourites and those that they have found most useful in understanding Richard III and his world.
Surprisingly it does not include anything by John Ashdown-Hill, whose books I believe are essential reading if you want correct information, as are Annette Carson's books which are on the list.

The Research Committee of the Richard III Society has set up a blog to help share knowledge of recent research into the life and times of Richard III. It is for anyone interested in the fifteenth century - you don't have to be in the Richard III Society.

The Mortimer's Cross Battlefield Project is appealing for donations - full details of who to contact via the link. This money will go towards four specialised, outdoor history interpretation panels to be located at key points including Kingsland Church and the Mortimer's Cross Inn and, if enough money is pledged, the visitor information displays at the Mortimer's Cross Inn.

Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll - details and how you can donate to help keep it in Ludlow.

A CD of the music from the reburial of Richard III - He lieth under this stone - is now available for £10. Leicester Cathedral Choir stepped into the studio to recreate the beautiful music from the week of Services held during the week of the reburial of King Richard III in March 2015. Includes the first ever recording of ‘Ghostly Grace’ written by Judith Bingham, especially for the reburial.

Members of the Richard III Society now receive a membership card entitling them to the following discounts:

Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle: discounted rate of £7 per person for groups of 12 or more.

Ludlow Castle: discount of 10% for groups of 10 or more.

Sudeley Castle: individual discount of 20%. They will be adding a section about Eleanor Talbot/Boteler to their Richard III Exhibition this year.

York Archaeological Trust - Barley Hall and the Richard III and Henry VII Experiences: individual discounts of 15%.

King Richard III Visitor Centre, Leicester: individual discount of 25%. Tickets are valid for a year for free return entry.

Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre & Country Park, Sutton Cheney, Nuneaton CV13 0AD - 20% off

Donington 1620s House and Garden, Manor Road, Donington Le Heath, Coalville LE67 2FW - 20% off

Haddon Hall - individual discount of 10% on full ticket price.

The Book of Hours known to have belonged to Richard III and found in his tent after Bosworth (as suggested by Anne Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs though there is no evidence for this - thanks to John Ashdown-Hill for pointing this out) has now been digitised and is on-line.
Also, part of the digitisation, is a copy of the book by the Society’s Anne Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs which gives a detailed commentary about the Book, its origin and its contents.
The work was done under the auspices of Leicester Cathedral, where Richard’s book was used during the service of Reinterment in March 2015. We are most grateful to the Cathedral for doing the work and to Lambeth Palace Library, where the Book is usually kept, for allowing it.
Our thanks also go to Anne and Livia for their permission to add their work to complete the presentation.
In order to facilitate the digitisation, the Society gave a donation to help defray the costs.
Richard III's Book of Hours - Please wait until pages are fully loaded, else they can look somewhat distorted.

Following recent discussions with English Heritage, the Richard III Society is pleased to announce that it has donated a new Richard III standard to Middleham Castle. It will be flown on the following dates. The standard was officially donated to the castle on behalf of the Society on 2nd October at 2.30pm by Susan Wells, Deputy Chairman.

1st February - Richard marries Anne 1473
16th March - Queen Anne’s death 1485
26th March - Reburial in Leicester of Richard III 2015
16th April - Edward of Middleham died 1484
29th June - Richard granted the Neville strongholds of Middleham, Sheriff Hutton and Penrith 1471
1st - 2nd July - Middleham Festival
6th July - Richard III crowned 1483
22nd August - Richard III died 1485
2nd October - Birth of Richard III 1452

Where exact dates are not known for certain events in the aforementioned list, the dates chosen are symbolic and as close to the likely date as we can ascertain. In addition, it has been agreed to fly the banner during the Middleham Festival each July.

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