Thumbnails of the Battle of Tewkesbury 2014 Saturday July 12

Pictures do take a while to download so please be patient when you click on a thumbnail to link to the large picture. All the larger pictures are compressed from the originals for faster downloading.
The Worcestershire Branch display in the second marquee, thanks to Steve Goodchild, Chairman of the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society. John Ashdown-Hill dropped by to sign copies of Finding Richard III: The Official Account.
Robert Hardy opened the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2014.

The battle re-enactment: Queen Margaret and her son, Prince Edward, arriving on the field of battle; the archers begin, then King Edward IV confers with one of his brothers.

The battle re-enactment: the guns open fire and troops close in on each other.

Heavy fighting.

The Lancastrian Duke of Somerset kills his ally Lord Wenlock as he feels betrayed by lack of support.
King Edward IV fights and kills Prince Edward of Lancaster, and the Yorkists are victorious.

I left due to heavy rain.

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