Thumbnails of the Battle of Tewkesbury 2017 Saturday July 8

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The Worcestershire Branch display in the main marquee, thanks to Steve Goodchild, Chairman of the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society.

Professor Ronald Hutton opened the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2017. He is Joint Patron of the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival with Robert Hardy CBE, FSA.

The Worcestershire Branch stall.

The books etc for sale.

Our photo display with information about the battle, Tewkesbury Abbey, the reburial of Richard III and how to join the Richard III Society and the Worcestershire Branch.

The Legendary Ten Seconds' CDs about Richard III, sales of which have generated over 1000 for the UK Scoliosis Association.

Richard Duke of Gloucester's boar outside the marquee.

Edward IV's rose en soleil outside the marquee.

Below are photos of Saturday's re-enactment of the Battle of Tewkesbury, fought on part of the original battlefield. The battle took place on Saturday 4 May 1471 and was a Yorkist victory. Professor Ronald Hutton gave a lively commentary.

The 4th Duke of Somerset for Lancaster.

An urgent messenger.

The Yorkist arrows start to fly before everyone is on the field.

Edward Prince of Wales and his mother Queen Margaret of Anjou for Lancaster.

Edmund Beaufort, 4th Duke of Somerset, with his helmet on this time.

More arrows shot by the Yorkists.

Sir William Hastings' men for the Yorkists.

The Yorkist King, Edward IV.

Richard Duke of Gloucester.

King Edward IV and his men.

King Edward IV off to parley with Queen Margaret of Anjou.

George Duke of Clarence at his side?

Waiting for the Queen.

Richard Duke of Gloucester.

King Edward IV says something to Prince Edward of Lancaster.

Queen Margaret slaps King Edward IV in the face!

The battle begins in earnest.

Cannon firing.

Soldiers firing handguns.

Prince Edward of Lancaster leads his men into battle.

The Lancastrians advance.

More Lancastrians.

The Duke of Somerset with his men.

The Duke of Somerset watches the battle.

Richard Duke of Gloucester, brother to King Edward IV.

Edward of Lancaster fights King Edward IV.

Richard Duke of Gloucester's men with the white boar badge.

Another soldier sporting a white boar.

The Lancastrian prince.

Richard Duke of Gloucester.


You can just about see the white boar on this standard.

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